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As you can see, I'm Claudette J. Young. What do I do? I'm a writer. I work with words.

My Blog

My Blog

About Me

Tilting at Windmills

My life is creativity in as many forms as possible. It is my passion, my life's breath.

Creativity sings to me through words, notes, colors, sounds.

It lives in my fingertips, as well as my mind.

Painting fills life with color. Music fills soul with emotion. Words fill mind with images.

For me, words are used for poetry, novels, short stories, creative non-fiction, articles and screenplays. I travel through time and space, explore other worlds, as well as this one.

And when I return to the mundane world of everyday, bills, housekeeping, and appointments are the fiction of my life.

Business As Usual--Current Projects

Present Projects

  • Screenplay--Mystery--Women's Fiction
  • Sci-fi series--five short stories, followed by novel, followed by four final short stories
  • Book of poetry in edit for submission
  • Three children's picture books ready for submission to agent
  • Children's MG book half-done
  • Another book of autobiographical poetry to assemble and ready for submission
  • Three articles ready for revision and edit

Published Works

Words Never Cease to Flood the Mind

To Be Added


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